Minggu, 22 April 2012

All Things I Got in Torun

The fourth of February 2012 I started my adventure to a place that far away from my hometown. It was a long journey, it was the first time for me to go alone, and it was a chance to spread the awareness of people about Indonesia and make everyone know and respect Indonesia in another country. I worked with children in the small city in Poland called Torun during the exchange. The name of my exchange's project itself is International Kindergarten. In this project I had two Japanesse, two Moroccans, one chinese and one Indonesian (me) as a team. I worked in five kindergartens there, there are: Pinokio, Melly Wielky Swiat, Alvik, Kangurek, and Kindergarten number 15. Trust me! You will be always happy around the children, I really enjoyed my time in the kindergarten everyday, the kids were cute and innocent, I love them. My favorite kindergarten is Pinokio. I have a mom and a daughter there and ever since I got back to Indonesia I can't stop thinking about them. Besides the story in the kindergarten, I also happy because I had a chance to teach Indonesian Language and Culture in the most famous university named Universiteit Mikolaja Kopernika. The response from the student were good, I really feel proud of myself at that time because I can introduce my hometown to them.

I feel lucky because of this exchange program and of course because of AIESEC I can develop myself. I can develop myself alone, no friends, no parents, no people I know before till I realized that I am a human being that can not live alone in this world. It was hard at the first but I tried to adapt to the situation. I remembered one proverb that stated “when in Rome, just do as a Roman do”, I know if I can not force the environment to adjust everything like what I want unless myself that supposed to do that. This program involve me to work with people from another country and it makes me get better to understand each other and it proves me that we can survive and unite inspite of diversity around us. The most important thing that I got from this exchange is when I feel homesick. I finally know how it feels and I realize that home is myself. At last but not least, sometimes people need to be alone so that they realize if what is around them is priceless. Thank you so much, AIESEC :)

My beloved team :)

2-3 years old group in Pinokio

What I did in the university, it was just a small group but still I'm happy because of it

my mother and the teacher in Pinokio as well

my daughter, Malesia. Kocham cie!!!!!

Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Nduty :')

January 26th, 2012

It was the last day for me to be in Jogja, a place where my heart belongs.

Nduty.. Yes, it is a special name from me to call my special person. Unfortunately, I should leave him for a couple months. It might be ordinary thing for you, yet not for me.
I saw something from his eyes this evening when he say goodbye to me in the airport, I saw his effort to make me happy recently, and one thing that makes me quite surprise is he change his photo in his twitter account with me. Those things are more than enough to prove if he care :)

Now... I understand if he has his own way to love me.



Berpiawai ramah, humoris, ceria, selalu menyenangkan, dan itulah yang sekiranya aku tahu tentangnya

Layaknya manusia biasa, terkadang dia berubah. Bak air laut yang terombang-ambingkan oleh ombak, tak tahu kemana arahnya. Kadang dia datang namun kadang dia juga pergi

Seperti medan U dan aku medan S pada magnet. Tak bisa lepas, meski dipisahkan dengan jarak yang sangat jauh sekalipun

Entah bagaimana harus kutulis lagi lebih banyak cerita tentangnya dan entah bagaimana pula harus kudeskripsikan wataknya


Dia adalah Dia :)

Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

My journey is almost begin :)

Halo, guys ;)
I hope you all are doing good in everywhere you are.

It's not more than ten days before I go far away from home to Torun, Poland. I know everything that I will face in my exchange program is gonna be challenging, yet I also feel a bit worry about it. Some stuffs have been packed properly in my backpack, several souvenirs are ready to be given, and the best presentation about my home country is in progress.
I won't expect too much from this, I just want all run smoothly till I get back to Indonesia. I realize if not all people can have this kind of chance. So, I want this is gonna be fun and I get a lot of lesson learned. I will use this chance to discover myself, especially when I'm alone, no parents, no friends, no one I know about people around me. Can't wait !!!!

Let's see what happen to me during and after my exchange activities.
See you~

Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

The Most Favorite Words

"Sometimes people stop playing a game even though they know that they will win"


"Sometimes people keep playing a game even though they know that they will lose"

Selasa, 22 November 2011

Learning Process Part Two

What I passed this long since the learning process article posted make me feel so grateful because God let me to learn more about this life. The point of this learning process is diversity. It is about how we face and how we deal to diversity. I know there might be someone out there who hate me now because of my unique characteristic that the others don't have, but I don't care with them. And you know what ? My life is too precious to waste my time thinking about those unimportant haters.

As an ordinary human, I do hate a certain person sometimes. I hate those who always talk me behind, I hate those who have two-faced in front me, I hate those who run their own life fake, I hate those who have no vision in their life. I was questioning myself.. “am I wrong to hate people like I mentioned before ?” and my deepest heart say “NO, it's normal”. I will more appreciate those who run their life as they are supposed to be including their good and bad behaviour rather than those who pretend to run their life as a person who only has good behaviour.
Is there anyone agree with me ?

Another lesson from this learning process for me is..I realize that it is impossible for us to have no hater in our life even though we have try to be flexible and acceptable for everyone. I dont know why, but this fact makes me stronger to be myself.

Thank God for this another valuable lesson that You gave to me step by step, I won't stop learning and this is my promise to You :')

Rabu, 09 November 2011

Photo can talk

By looking at what was happening around me, I understand that every person has the other side that can not be seen from the outside. I was shocked when I saw a picture of quiet and innocent person posed "crazy" or "silly" on their social networking account. But now I realize that the photos can talk and describe the other side of someone.

So, now, what do you think about me ??